About Us

Setareh Taban sara, the engineering design and technology company, was ‎established with the joint venture between Iran and Spain. The main mission of ‎this company is to develop the country’s engineering capability in various ‎industrial areas and in this regard by taking advantage of strong and intelligent ‎communications with reputable European companies in the fields of steel, oil and ‎gas, modern energy, mines and metals, power and etc.

‎. seeks to transfer basic and detail engineering knowledge to the country and also ‎maximize the use of local experts in domestic and international projects. 50% of ‎the shares of Setareh Taban Sara belongs to Saralle Group of companies in Spain, ‎which is one of the most prestigious European design and engineering companies ‎not only in the field of design but also in the manufacturing of industrial ‎equipment, especially in the steel sector, renewable energy and modern ‎technology. Utilization of the great knowledge, technology and experience has ‎caused this company to grow at a very fast pace, making it a renowned name in ‎the mentioned areas.‎

Another 50% of Setareh Taban Sara shares belongs to Fakher Holding, whose ‎companies operate in a variety of fields including IT, economic consulting and ‎management, consulting engineering, supervision, construction and other fields. ‎The policies and preferred strategies of company senior managers are to make ‎the company one of the top five companies in the field of engineering design and ‎in this regard, all the hardware and software infrastructures are made considering ‎this vision. ‎